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Ways to Play Hockey

New or returning to Hockey? Find out what type of hockey suits you, what each type is all about and where hockey is played in Wellington.

Discover Hockey in Wellington
Get into Hockey

New to Hockey? Don't know what programme is best for you? Use our interactive guide to help you find the right hockey for you. With options available for all ages and abilities there's no better time than now to start playing.

Find a Club

New to the area? Need help finding a club for the season. Find key club contact details here to get you on the right path for the season.

Type of Hockey Offering
Community Hockey Programmes

New to Hockey or just wanting to pick up a stick? We have a range of different community hockey programmes which cater to all abilities that are run throughout the season.

Player Development

Offering player development programmes that support our U11, U13, U15 and U16 athletes. Each programme concludes with a festival of hockey or invited to a regional tournament.

Representative Hockey

Learn more about representing Wellington through our campaigns for U18, National Hockey Championship and National Masters Tournaments.

Making Great Hockey Happen
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