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What Is Technical Officiating

Technical Officiating is a great way to be involved in hockey, being close to the action and experiencing a different side of the game. The best thing is...anyone can get involved! Whether it’s being involved in the Premier Open Grade competition, during Intercity, or our Premier Secondary School competition at school level, the role of Technical Officials is key to the game day experience being so high for all involved.

Technical Officials have many different roles and responsibilities. At a local/regional level, you would undertake most aspects of managing the game, whereas when appointed to national tournaments, you may have a judges to assist you.

  • Technical Officers are pitch side for each game to ensure the games run smoothly, working with both team managers, benches and umpires.

  • Judges are pitch side for each game, administering and recording events from the game accurately and timely. They also manage the game time to ensure that the match runs in accordance with the rules and within the allotted time on the day.

  • A Match Official involves a mix of the Technical Officer and Judge roles on match day.

For some Officials, there is the opportunity to quickly progress up the career path within the Wellington Hockey Competition to being appointed to regional and national tournaments around the country.

Technical Officiating

Learn everything about Technical Officiating. The role that gets everyone close to the action.

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