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National Hockey Stadium

The National Hockey Stadium for Wellington Hockey stands as the premier venue for the sport in Wellington, boasting three state-of-the-art water-based turfs: Cello NHS 1, McDonald's NHS 2, and NHS 3. Overlooking the action on Cello NHS 1 and McDonald's NHS 2 is the National Hockey Pavilion equipped with a kitchen and bar, serving as a hub for players and supporters alike.

Satellite Turfs

Wellington Hockey is also fortunate to have use of other satellite turfs around the Wellington region which are used for competitions, community and development programmes:

Neighbouring Associations + Outer Regions

Wellington also utilises the relationship with other neighbouring associations and outer-regions for competitions during the season:

Turf Information

Wellington Hockey and the Wellington Hockey Regional Stadium Trust (WHRST) oversee the maintenance and development of six full sized water-based turfs in the Wellington region. We have turfs based in Wellington City (National Hockey Stadium), Lower Hutt (Fraser Park), Upper Hutt (Maidstone Park) and Porirua (Elsdon Park).

Turf Venue Locations

Directions and information about the turf locations that are used for the local competition, community and development programmes.

Making Great Hockey Happen
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