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Player Safety is Essential

Regardless of the activity taking place, whether in a game or training, creating a safe environment for everyone involved in hockey is essential.

Guidance and Policies

Wellington Hockey strongly recommends that all clubs / organisations / schools and their members take the time to read and digest the health and safety policies and guidance. It is the responsibility of everyone within the sport to create a safe environment for all who participate.

  • Wellington Hockey has published an important guide entitled Planning Safe Hockey.

    The guide is intended to be used as a checklist by anyone delivering or planning hockey activity. Wellington Hockey strongly encourages all clubs / organisations / schools and their members to familiarise themselves with the guide and also to address any unsafe practices.

    We all have a responsibility to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all those who play hockey. It is therefore important that we take steps to minimise risk to all engaged in hockey, enhancing their experience and reassuring players, parents and guardians.

    The rules of hockey are constantly evolving, therefore it is imperative that all those who plan and deliver hockey activity do so in a way that ensures the safety of all involved in our sport.

  • Every club or school team must assess their own need for First Aid provision. Wellington Hockey strongly recommends that there is a minimum of one First Aid trained person on site per match or training session.


    Wellington Hockey will not be providing any ice packs at any of the turf venues during competitions. It is the responsibility of the club / team to have their own instant ice packs readily available which is part of their First Aid Kit. If your team does not have a First Aid Kit, speak to your club to obtain one.

  • Hockey New Zealand has released a Concussion Awareness Policy to cover all levels of the sport. The purpose of the document is to provide an increased awareness of concussion and guidance on the identification and management of concussion.  Concussion (and hockey player welfare in general) is everyone’s responsibility.

    Players, parents, coaches and officials need to act in the best interest of hockey player safety and welfare by taking responsibility for the recognition, removal and referral of the affected hockey player to a medical doctor.

Safety Documents

Safe Hockey

Health and safety guidance for creating a safe hockey environment for all participants.

Other Relevant Information
Injury Reporting

Wellington Hockey requires all injuries sustained in games and training to be recorded, so that trends can be identified and reported.

Hazards & Risks

Remain safe when visiting our venues and be award of the identified hazards and risks present through our risk registers.

Making Great Hockey Happen
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