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Training to Develop

The U16 age group has an important place within the development of young players, as they enter the ‘train to develop’ stage. Children become capable of implementation of feedback and the foundation of all basic skill is cemented. Players will need to keep polishing basic techniques and need to be challenged with more complex techniques and decision making to further their development. Players in the ‘train to develop’ stage need to learn to train more deliberate and need to start making the translation from training to games. To help make that translation, practice games, tournaments and festivals become significant tools that allow to deliberately prioritise participation, development and growth.

Talent and early ability at this age are no guarantees for future success. Taking late developers and the relative age effect into account, WHA aims to provide more players at this age an opportunity for holistic development. Although the U16 Development Programme has a more inclusive nature, players will still need to show commitment and the appropriate attitude to be part of the programme. Players will need to demonstrate the physical and technical abilities that are required to keep up with the desired level of the programme.

Important Information
  • In order to register for the 2024 WHA U16 Representative Programme players need to be born in 2008.

  • We are pleased to announce the trials dates for the 2024 Under 18 Representative Campaign. Please register for the trials via PlayHQ.

    Trial ONE

    Date: 3rd April 2024

    Time: 6pm - 8pm

    Where: NHS, Turfs 1, 2, and 3

    Trial TWO

    Date: 10th April 2024

    Time: 6pm - 8pm

    Where: NHS, Turfs 1, 2, and 3

    Please arrive early to be marked off and receive your number prior to the trial.

Under 16 

In 2024 our U16 representative teams will travel to Hamilton to play other associations in a Quad Tournament hosted by Waikato Hockey. The tournament is held from Monday 15th July 2024 to Thursday 18th July 2024.

U16 July Tournament

15-18 July 2024 – Gallagher Hockey Centre in Hamilton


Intention of the Tournament

A competitive quad series aiming to expose U16 (Y11 / 2008) players to a higher quality standard of hockey whilst playing amongst their peers. Providing players with exposure to tournament hockey and to smoothen the transition to U18’s tournament in one or two years’ time. Expose players to a safe environment that allows them to learn how to deal with pressure and extended opportunities to demonstrate leadership.

We believe there is a serious demand amongst 16 year old players to be exposed to

competitive hockey games.

We believe not all 16 year olds are physically, cognitively, technically or tactically ready to

compete in the U18 National Tournament and we believe their development will benefit from a

more levelled playing field competing against their peers.

2024 U16 Team Selection

Congratulations to all players selected into their respective teams for the 2024 Under 16 Invitational Tournament.

  • Liam Bateson

    Jacob Eade

    Sachin Govind

    Joshua Hamlyn

    Jasper Khoo

    Thomas Merwood

    Sammy Scott

    Boston Spray

    Liam Taylor

    Hudson Todd

    Thomas Agate

    Laith Ismail

    Tommy Hanna

    Leon Olsen

    Torben Whittle

    Guy Lester

    Head Coach Will Collins 

    Assistant Coach Matt Frater 

    Manager Darrell Todd 

  • Alysha McGrath

    Yasmin Rodda

    Ruby Easton-Smith

    Elizabeth MacAvoy

    Jayna Parag

    Chloe Sherriff

    Maia Mckee

    Iris Edwards

    Lexi Manning

    Xanthe Stewart

    Juno Holden

    Ariella Hannan

    Milla Ehlert

    Scarlett Bowmar

    Emily Frater

    Samantha Te Awhe

    Head Coach Stephanie Weller 

    Assistant Coach Kat Winter 

    Manager Debbie Te Awhe 

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