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Umpire Registrations 2022

Register now to umpire for the 2022 season by filling in the link -

Development Opportunities 2022

Umpires are an important part of our game whether it be grassroots here in our association umpiring our local Club or School fixtures right through to representative tournaments on a regional or national stage. 

WHA has various opportunities for umpires with varying levels of experience to contribute to our community. With that WHA has support systems in place to assist and grow our local umpires through various development and mentoring programmes.

We are currently in the process of finalising courses and opportunities for Wellington umpires in 2022 and will update our community as soon as opportunities become available.

If you have any questions regarding upcoming Umpire Development opportunities please feel free to contact us at

Umpire Feedback Survey

As part of our development framework of umpires in the Wellington region we are offering clubs and administrators the opportunity to provide feedback on umpire performances from Open Grade and Secondary games. Feedback received from the survey will be used as a resource for umpire development and allow us to pinpoint areas of development allowing for a higher standard of umpiring in Wellington competitions.

Feedback forms can be found and submitted via the link here.

If you have any question regarding umpire feedback please feel free to contact our umpire lead Regan Fricker via

Umpire Development
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