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Our Vision

More kids and adults enjoying the hockey experience

Our Purpose

To provide quality turfs and facilities to meet the needs of hockey

Our Values

Teamwork; to be supportive, passionate and encouraging

Unity with all of our partners

Respect, trust, openness and integrity

Fun, enjoyment and celebrating success   

The Wellington Region Hockey Stadium Trust (WRHST) was formed in 1985 and in partnership with the Wellington Hockey Association manages the turf and facilities at the National Hockey Stadium at Albert Park - Wellington, the turf at Elsdon - Porirua, the turf and Pavilion at Fraser Park - Lower Hutt and the turf at Maidstone Park in Upper Hutt. The Pavilion at the National Hockey Stadium at Albert Park includes a bar and canteen and is operated by an independent catering company, Jason Neilson Catering.

The WRHST has a primary responsibility to maintain the turfs and the facilities and is responsible for ensuring there is provision for replacing the surfaces as well as planning for new turfs and facilities.

For a copy of the WRHST Strategic Plan Click Here

WRHST Trustees

Keith Binnie (Chairman), John Bowmar, Emily Richards, Hamish Clentworth, Sam French, Brent Miskimmin and Joshua Bird

Wellington Region Hockey Stadium Trust
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