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Team Registrations Close

Friday 11th March

Annual General Meeting

Monday 28th March

Players to be registered using WHA PlayHQ format

Wednesday 23rd March

Open Grade competition begins

Saturday and Sunday,

2 and 3 April 2022

Grading Games

2nd April - 14th of May

Players need to be registered in PlayHQ

P1 - Friday, 29 April 2022

P2/R3 -Friday 13 May 2022

30% Affiliation Fee Due

Thursday 12th May

Affiliation Balance Due

Friday 17th June

P1 Playoffs

30th June - 13th August

P1 Finals Day

Saturday 20th August

P2 - R3 Playoff Rounds

Saturday 10th and

Sunday 11th of September

P2 - R3 Finals Days

Saturday 24th and

Sunday 25th September

Competition Review Meeting

Monday 17th October

Special General Meeting

Monday 28th November

Open Grade Handbook 2022

The Wellington Hockey Association Open Grade Competition is the foremost premier hockey competition of the Wellington region. The competition offers grades for individuals of all abilities accommodating for players of international standards to weekend warriors. The competitions run from the beginning of April to mid-August (P1) and the end of September (P2 - R3). If you are interested in joining a club for the 2022 season our club contacts can be found here.

Player Transfers

Players wishing to transfer to a Wellington based club from another association much complete a player transfer form in order to be eligible to compete in our Open Grade competition.

Player transfer forms can be submitted to Wellington Hockey using the link here.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Download the 2022 Wellington Hockey Open Grade Handbook using the link here.


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