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Open Grade Round 7 Round Up

Saturday May 28th & Sunday May 29th

Another round of our Cello Open Grade Premier Competition is in the books with a slate of P1 Games hosted at Wellingtons National Hockey Stadium over the weekend. Teams have begun to hit their stride with some strong performances and fantastic games from the likes of Hutt United, Dalefield, Northern United and Harbour City.

Check out the full slate of results from Round 7 are available now via PlayHQ.

Premier 1 Men

Dalefield finished round one with a seven-point lead in the competition after beating a tenacious Victoria in the main game on Cello NHS 1. That made it six wins out of six for the Wairarapa-based side, who have a goal differential of 28. Hutt United moved into second-equal place after crushing Northern United in the early game. They opened the scoring early and averaged a goal every five minutes, with Jack Rider knocking in five of them. Indians share the second spot after their bye with four points back to Harbour City, who gained their third win but could not achieve a bonus point against Tawa Titans under lights.


Dalefield 4 (Graeme Murrell, Rowan Yeo, Zac Hardie, Nathan Whiteman) Victoria 1 (Cam Maclean)

Hutt United 14 (Jack Rider 5, Ethan Kerruish 3, Patrick Madder 2, Angus Bowmar 2, Sam Miskimmin, Cameron Gladding) Northern United 0

Harbour City 4 (Logan Hewitt, Duncan Keith, Rio Tuson, Connor Anderson) Tawa Titans 0

Indians had the bye

Points after six rounds: Dalefield 21, Indians 14, Hutt United 14, Harbour City 10, Victoria 7, Tawa Titans 3, Northern United 0.

Games on 11 June

Hutt United v Harbour City 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Indians 2:15pm Clareville

Northern United v Victoria 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Tawa Titans have the bye

Premier 1 Women

Hutt United made the most of having captain Ani Haumaha in their ranks for the final time with a last gasp win over Northern United in the third game. The recalled Black Sticks defender opened the scoring in the first quarter from a penalty corner, then rallied her side who found themselves a goal down going into the final stanza. Minna Reid drew her side level before Grace Seeley secured the epic win with just two seconds showing on the by now brightly glowing clock. At the end of round one, both sides are four clear of Dalefield who had earlier grabbed a point after a fierce two-goal tussle with Victoria. Harbour City are a further four adrift after their third win in a row, comfortably beating fifth-placed Toa.


Dalefield 1 (Brigette Mossman) Victoria 1 (Anna Tingey)

Harbour City 4 (Charlotte Eastman, Ruby Logan, Victoria O’Keeffe, Mckaela Woodward) Toa 0

Hutt United 3 (Ani Haumaha, Minna Reid, Grace Seeley) Northern United 2 (Emma Brokenshire, Annie McNaughtan)

Karori had the bye

Points after six rounds: Northern United 18, Hutt United 18, Dalefield 14, Harbour City 10, Toa 4, Karori 2, Victoria 2

Games on 11 June

Dalefield v Karori 12:30pm Clareville

Victoria v Northern United 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City v Hutt United 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Toa have the bye

Premier 2 Men

Despite a hat-trick from striker Scott Barnett at Paraparaumu on Sunday, Hutt United went down for a second time in a high-scoring game against Kapiti. Karori’s Andrew Miles also scored three times as his side had a first win over Victoria in the early game on Cello NHS 1, while Upper Hutt won again, beating Northern United in a very close contest, also on Cello NHS 1.


Kapiti 4 (Tully Gilbert, Ollie Macdonald, Vijay Soma, Michael Leckie) Hutt United 3 (Scott Barnett 3)

Karori 4 (Andrew Miles 3, Jesse Morgan) Victoria 0

Upper Hutt 1 (Ben Clegg) Northern United 0

Points after two rounds: Upper Hutt 6, Kapiti 6, Karori 3, Northern United 3, Hutt United 0, Victoria 0

Games on 12 June

Victoria v Karori 12:15pm Cello NHS 1

Kapiti v Hutt United 1:15pm Mazengarb Park

Upper Hutt v Northern United 2:00pm Cello NHS 1

Premier 2 Women

Hutt United made it two wins from two on Sunday with superior teamwork carrying the day in their sound win over Kapiti at McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2. Earlier on that turf Upper Hutt and Tawa Titans registered their first points in a low-scoring draw, while in another tight encounter Harbour City just prevailed over Victoria 3. In the early game, Victoria 2 narrowly overcame Karori for their second win.


Hutt United 4 (Sophie Best 2, Jordy McGarvey, Kobe Oram) Kapiti 0

Victoria 2 3 (Kristina O’Connor, Kat Myhill, Katie Fletcher) Karori 1 (Kerryn Jansen)

Tawa Titans 1 (Gemma Board) Upper Hutt 1 (Georgia Lloyd)

Harbour City 1 Victoria 3 0


Hutt United 6, Victoria 2 6, Harbour City 6, Karori 3, Upper Hutt 1 Tawa Titans 1, Victoria 3 0, Kapiti 0,

Games on 12 June

Victoria 2 v Tawa Titans 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Kapitiv Karori 1:15pm Mazengarb Park

Victoria 3 v Upper Hutt 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Harbour City v Hutt United 4:00pm Cello NHS 1

Premier 3 Men


Tawa Titans 8 (Jordan Allan 2, Jack Hawkey 2, Chris McDonald 2, Duane West 2) Upper Hutt 3

Indians 2 7 (Jayraj Budhia 2, Shakeel Dahya 2, Jamin Bhikh, Darshan Patel, Sandeep Naik) Northern United 0

Victoria 3 4 Hutt United 3

Victoria 4 1 Harbour City 1

Petone Tuis 1 Karori 0

Indians 3 had the bye

Points after two rounds:

Tawa Titans 7, Petone Tuis 6, Indians 2 4, Victoria 3 4, Harbour City 2, Victoria 4 2, Indians 3 1*, Hutt United 1^, Upper Hutt 1, Karori 0, Northern United 0

* denotes bye

Premier 3 Women


Indians 5 (Smitee Ranchhod 3, Neelam Bhikha Jayna Lala) Kapiti 3 3 (Bree Bargh, Siobhan McFarlane, Chelsea Osborne)

Victoria 3 (Reina Stephens, Emma Deegan, Rana Cetinturk) Harbour City 1

Hutt United 4 (Nicole Rumens, Sammie Purser, Anouk Gude, Nin Roberts) Northern United 3 1

Kapiti 2 6 Upper Hutt 0

Naenae 2 Toa 0

Northern United 2 had the bye

Points after two rounds: Indians 7, Naenae 6, Kapiti 3 4, Kapiti 2 4*, Hutt United 3, Toa 3, Victoria 3, Northern United 2 3*, Harbour City 0, Northern United 3 0, Upper Hutt 0

* denotes bye

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