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Open Grade Round 12 Roundup


Premier 1 Men

Last week Indians went down by one goal to Hutt United who scored from a late penalty corner, and on Saturday they were on the right side of a one-goal victory, in circumstances almost as dramatic. Indians were 3-0 up at half-time over Northern United who they had beaten 6-0 in the first round. Northern showed how much they have improved over the season scoring twice themselves while denying Indians any further goals and the men in blue were relieved to hear the final hooter. Victoria also demonstrated their improved play against Harbour City with both teams depleted by illness and representative commitments. Harbour scored early and led for most of the game before a last-ditch Vic attack result in a goal to level the scores.


Indians 3 (Marco Brown 2, Tom Pavitt) Northern United 2 (Ryan Smith, Lee Stanton-Barnett)

Victoria 1 (Jackson Hirini)) Harbour City 1 (Tom Caughley)

Tawa Titans defaulted to Hutt United

Dalefield had the bye

Points after twelve rounds: Dalefield 34*, Hutt United 24*, Indians 23, Harbour City 18*, Victoria 14, Tawa Titans 3*, Northern United 0*

* denotes a bye

Games on 23 July

Harbour City v Indians 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Hutt United v Dalefield 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Tawa Titans v Northern United 4:15pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Victoria have the bye

Premier 1 Women

Hutt United’s Minna Reid scored three goals, making it ten for the season, as her side overwhelmed Toa at Fraser Park. on Saturday. In the only game played on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 Northern United scored at regular intervals to achieve another bonus point win over Karori and move back into second place.

Dalefield had the bye


Northern United 5 (Annie McNaughtan, Georgia Garden-Bachop, Amy Robinson, Sophie Macadre, Neelum Patel) Karori 0

Hutt United 8 (Minna Reid 3, Imogen Neil 2, Maddy Story, Laura Jurgeleit, Lucy Cooper) Toa 1 (

Harbour City v Victoria deferred

Points after twelve rounds: Hutt United 30*, Northern United 29*, Dalefield 27*, Harbour City 10*, Karori 9, Toa 7*, Victoria 2

* denotes a bye

Games on 23 July

Northern United v Toa 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Hutt United v Dalefield 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Harbour City v Karori ..4:00pm Cello NHS 1

Victoria have the bye

Premier 2 Men

The three leading teams all had wins at McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2. on Sunday, with second placed Karori beating Victoria in the early game, third placed Upper Hutt defeating Northern United in the second game, followed by leaders Hutt United who reversed their earlier result and grabbed a bonus point in their big win over fourth placed Kapiti.


Hutt United 6 (Robbie Burgess 2, Scott Barnett 2, Tom Langley, Zach Yearbury) Kapiti 0

Upper Hutt 4 (Andrew Herrick, Andris Martins, Paul Hamlin, Ben Clegg) Northern United 2 (Tim Bridgman, Jonny Lusby)

Karori 3 (Sam Stannard 2, Sam Jones) Victoria 1 (Max Ruffell)

Points after seven rounds: Hutt United 17, Karori 15, Upper Hutt 13, Kapiti 9, Northern United 7, Victoria 1

Games on 24 July

Upper Hutt v Karori 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Hutt United v Northern United 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Victoria v Kapiti 2:45pm Kapiti Sports Turf

Premier 2 Women

All four games were closely contested on Sunday with Tawa Titans having the only win, a tight one against Victoria 3 on Cello NHS 1. In the games which followed

Karori did well to draw with Harbour City, and Victoria 2 had an important draw with runaway leaders Hutt United. At Paraparaumu neither Kapiti nor Upper Hutt could produce a goal in another even encounter.


Tawa Titans 1 (Emily Frater) Victoria 3 0

Hutt United 2 (Jordan McGarvey, Sophie Best)) Victoria 2 2 (Abby MacDonald, Caitlin de Reeper)

Kapiti 0 Upper Hutt 0

Karori 3 (Felicity Wills) Harbour City 3 (Rianna Maxwell, Karmina Kovanda, Eloise Boam)

Points after seven rounds

Hutt United 21, Victoria 2 13, Harbour City 11, Kapiti 11, Upper Hutt 10, Tawa Titans 7, Karori 6, Victoria 3 0.

Games on 24 July

Victoria 3 v Karori 11:15am McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Kapiti v Victoria 2 1:00pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Tawa Titans v Harbour City 2:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Hutt United v Upper Hutt 3:00pm Fraser Park

Premier 3 Men


Harbour City 3 (Lee Paton, Philip Wilson, Izaak Mirfin) Karori 1 (Sam Cotterall)

Hutt United 7 (John Lynch 5, Torben Whittle, Krishaan Parsotam) Upper Hutt 1 (Nathaniel Plester)

Tawa Titans 7 (Gareth Beaumont 4, Jack Hawkey 3) Northern United 1 (Tim Bridgman)

Indians 3 3 (Chetan Ranchhod 2, Jack Clifford) Indians 2 2 (Jayraj Budhia 2)

Victoria 3 v Victoria 4 deferred

Petone Tuis had the bye

Points after seven rounds: Tawa Titans 20*, Harbour City 15, Hutt United 12, Indians 3 12*, Indians 2 11*, Petone Tuis 10*, Victoria 3 5*, Karori 5, Victoria 4 5*, Upper Hutt 4*, Northern United 3 0

* denotes a bye

Premier 3 Women


Northern United 3 1 (Emi Pogoni) Victoria 1 (Emma Deegan)

Kapiti 3 9 (Bree Bargh 6, Lisa Osborne 2, Anika Hoogeveen) Harbour City 2 (Rianna Maxwell, Jayne Winfield)

Toa 2 (Asha O’Gorman, Olivia Vincent) Indians 2 (Neelam Bhikha, Babita Ravji)

Hutt United 3 (Nicola Rumens 2, Lynmari Lazenby) Upper Hutt 0

Kapiti 2 0 Northern United 2 0

Naenae had the bye

Points after seven rounds: Indians 20, Toa 18, Naenae 15*, Kapiti 2* 14, Northern United 2 13*, Kapiti 3 12*, Hutt United 8*, Victoria 5, Upper Hutt 3, Harbour City 1*, Northern United 3 1*,

* denotes a bye

Full scores and standing are available via the Wellington Hockey PlayHQ here.

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