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Open Grade Round 10 Roundup

Saturday and Sunday the 2nd & 3rd July 2022

Premier 1 Men

Tawa Titans bore the brunt of Dane Lett’s brief availability for Dalefield as the Birmingham-bound Black Sticks defender powered in no fewer than five penalty corner thunderbolts against them at Clareville on Saturday. There were also hat-tricks to veteran Rowan Yeo and livewire Graeme Murrell as Dalefield went out to an eleven point lead in the competition with their fourth bonus point win. Harbour City earned their first bonus point in their big victory over Northern United on Cello NHS 1, with captain Josh Symonds scoring three goals, two from penalty corners. In reply, Northern captain Haydon Smith recorded just his side’s second goal of the season. In the early game on Cello NHS 1 Indians took advantage of Hutt United’s bye to move into outright second place after beating Victoria in what was a competitive encounter throughout.


Dalefield 12 (Dane Lett 5, Rowan Yeo 3, Graeme Murrell 3, Marcus Ambrose) Tawa Titans 0

Harbour City 6 (Josh Symonds 3, Dane Hawkins 2, Tom Caughey) Northern United 1 (Haydon Smith)

Indians 3 (Marco Brown 2, Akaash Morar) Victoria 0

Hutt United had the bye

Points after ten rounds: Dalefield 31, Indians 20, Hutt United 17*, Harbour City 16, Victoria 10, Tawa Titans 3*, Northern United 0*

* denotes a bye

Games on 9 July

Victoria v Tawa Titans 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Indians v Hutt United 1:15pm Fraser Park

Northern United v Dalefield 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City have the bye

Premier 1 Women

Dalefield gained a second bonus point win against Toa at Clareville with regular scorers Felicity Reidy and Abby Crawley both netting twice. Coming off their bye and with no games last week Northern United were still able to beat Harbour City for the second time this season, but the deficit was halved as Estelle Macadre’s successful penalty stroke proved crucial. After the first encounter between Victoria and Karori produced no goals, the team from the west knocked in a couple on Saturday to gain valuable competition points and moved them within striking distance of fourth placed Harbour City.

Hutt United had the bye


Dalefield 5 (Felicity Reidy 2, Abby Crawley 2, Emma Mcleod) Toa 0

Karori 2 (Jenna Peel, Baylee Whenuaroa) Victoria 0

Northern United 2 (Estelle Macadre, Emma Brokenshire) Harbour City 0

Hutt United had the bye

Points after nine rounds: Hutt United 25*, Northern United 25*, Dalefield 24, Harbour City 10, Karori 8, Toa 4*, Victoria 2

* denotes a bye

Games on 9 July

Victoria v Toa 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Northern United v Dalefield 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Hutt United v Karori 3:00pm Fraser Park

Harbour City have the bye

Premier 2 Men

Hutt United hit form with a vengeance on Sunday, thumping competition leaders Karori by five goals on Cello NHS 1 and taking over top spot themselves. At Maidstone Park Upper Hutt squeezed out a narrow win over Victoria to remain in second place, while in the second game on Cello NHS 1 Northern United did well to hold Kapiti to a hard-fought draw.


Hutt United 8 (Scott Barnett 3, Thomas Langley 2, Zach Yearbury 2, Kerry Thomas) Karori 3 (Andrew Miles, David Poole, Pacey Johnson

Upper Hutt 2 (scorers not provided) Victoria 2 (Todd Foster, Tristan Carter)

Northern United 1 (Zion Akonga) Kapiti 1 (Sean Moody)

Points after five rounds: Hutt United 11, Upper Hutt 10, Karori 9, Kapiti 9, Northern United 4, Victoria 1

Games on 10 July

Hutt United v Upper Hutt 11:30am Fraser Park

Karori v Kapiti 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Victoria v Northern United 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Premier 2 Women

Runaway leaders Hutt United emulated their men’s team scoring eight goals to overwhelm Tawa Titans on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2. In the next game Victoria 2 went down by the narrowest of margins for the second week in a row, with Harbour City scoring the only goal of the game and moving level on the table. Kapiti were comfortable winners over Victoria 3 at Paraparaumu, while Karori and Upper Hutt eked out a draw in the third game on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2.


Hutt United 8 (Daina Ratana 2, Sophie Tennent 2, Jordan McGarvey 2, Olivia Rawlinson, Selina Reichert) Tawa Titans 1 (Emi Dawson)

Upper Hutt 1 (Jo Martin) Karori 1 (Kathleen Haylock)

Harbour City 1 (Lucy Politini) Victoria 2 0

Kapiti 4 (Gail Donaldson 2, Emily Periam, Seini Denicaucau) Victoria 3 1 (scorer not provided)

Points after five rounds

Hutt United 17, Victoria 2 9, Harbour City 9, Upper Hutt 8, Kapiti 7, Karori 5, Tawa Titans 4, Victoria 3 0.

Games on 10 July

Upper Hutt v Harbour City 12:45pm Fraser Park

Victoria 2 v Victoria 3 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Kapiti v Tawa Titans 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Hutt United v Karori 4:15pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Premier 3 Men


Indians 3 2 (Nermash Ramji 2) Hutt United 2 (Jack Josland, John Lynch)

Tawa Titans 3 (Jack Hawkey, other scorers not provided) Petone Tuis 2 (Tom Hutton, Sanjay Patel)

Karori 2 (Erik Poulson 2) Victoria 3 2 (scorers not provided)

Upper Hutt 4 (Cameron Leete, Michael Whitsun, Jason Eade, Nathaniel Plester)

Northern United 1 (Zach Dickie)

Indians 2 2 (Bhaveen Patel, Jayraj Budhia) Harbour City 1 (Grayson Dawson)

Points after five rounds: Tawa Titans 16, Petone Tuis 9, Indians 3 8*, Indians 2 8, Harbour City 8, Hutt United 5*, Victoria 3 5*, Karori 5, Upper Hutt 4*, Victoria 4 2*, Northern United 3 0

* denotes a bye

Premier 3 Women


Northern United 2 1 (Sarah Roth Shank) Victoria 1 (Bridget Mason)

Naenae 6 (Matie Whitman 3, Jada Ropitini, Jessica Cooper, Joanne Calcinai, Hutt United 1 (Sarah McPeake)

Kapiti 2 1 (Bree Bargh) Indians 1 (Neelum Bhikha)

Upper Hutt 4 (Gabby Ross 3, Hayley Stokes) Northern United 3 0

Toa 13 (Phoenix O’Gorman 8, Kaitelynn Livingston 3, Blaize O’Gorman 2) Harbour City 1 (Brooke Marsters)

Kapiti 3 had the bye

Points after five rounds: Indians 15, Naenae 14, Toa 14, Northern United 2 11*, Kapiti 2 9*, Kapiti 3 5*, Hutt United 5, Victoria 4, Upper Hutt 3, Harbour City 1*, Northern United 3 0*,

* denotes a bye

More scores available via the Wellington Hockey PlayHQ

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