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2023 WHA Youth Summer Programme Applications Open

In 2023, we will be once again delivering our Summer Programmes and Development Squads on top of our Representative programmes. In the first instance, we are opening expressions of interest for the Summer Programmes.


The WHA U18/U15 Summer Programmes are a pre season training block designed for players with capability and aspiration to represent Wellington. The programme provides a quality learning and preparation phase as we lead into the playing season and U18/U16 representative trials. Players who don't have the aspiration to represent Wellington, but still wish to develop can access that opportunity in other Wellington Hockey programmes. The expectation is that all Summer Programme participants will make themselves available for U18/U16 trials. As in the past, the Summer Programmes will also form an important part of the selection process for the 2023 intakes for the U16 EXTEND and U18 EXCEL Squads (players who want to apply for the Development Squads must be involved in the Summer Programmes).


Technical and tactical growth aligned to long term development and ability to perform at the representative level and beyond. Each week will include a combination of skills, combative and match play.


The programme will be led by WHA staff, aptly supported by quality trainers and GK specialists, accessing our best local people to provide an impactful development experience for players.


The programme will consist of 2x weekly sessions over a 6 week period through February/March. The sessions will be split into a technical training day and a combative training day, covering the core priority areas required to be an effective hockey player.

•U15s – starting 9 Feb and finishing 16 March

oMonday 5-6.30pm

oThursday 5-6.30pm

•U18s – starting 8 Feb and finishing 15 March

oTuesday 5-6.30pm

oWednesday 5-6.30pm

In 2022, we introduced a Kapiti based hub allowing athletes from that area to train locally once per week and then train centralised with the wider Summer Programme once per week. While this was impacted due to the resurfacing of the Kapiti turf, if numbers support, we will again plan to implement. The purpose of this is to minimise the travel barrier and support more quality players staying connected to our higher level programmes. We will be leading the sessions with our own coaches and training content will mirror the Wellington based sessions. These sessions will be Tuesdays 5.30-7pm.

Note: We are encouraging and supportive of players participating in summer sports and will work around those other commitments to ensure individuals can manage both and can form an appropriate weekly training schedule. We are comfortable with compromising some of the hockey sessions and ask that any players with clashes communicate in advance.


$250 per player

Note: for any individuals facing financial difficulties there is the WHA Participation Fund which we encourage you to explore for support.


Applications are open to any athletes that wish to develop and have aspirations of representing Wellington in 2023. The programme is aimed at aspirational athletes and it is expected that players will possess a certain competency level to be suitable and a commitment to want to represent Wellington. Players should have had representative experience in the past or display the potential to do so in the near future. For those who sit outside of this, the WHA Explore programme would be a more suitable and valuable development opportunity. To apply, please complete the online application form before the cut off date of Wednesday 30th November:

Player Eligibility

Players must be affiliated to Wellington through school or club. Players must be at least Yr 9 secondary school and should register for their correct age group as per their age at the 1st of January 2023.


Final selections will be made and emailed out to all registered athletes by Friday 2nd December. Each programme has a maximum capacity so positions will be limited. Selections will be based on the considerable information we have from 2021/22 performances in programmes/teams and factoring current capability, potential talent and performance fundamentals. Where relevant we will engage with respective coaches.

If you have any questions contact -

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