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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Umpire registrations for the 2022 season are now open! We are looking for all our open grade and secondary grade umpires to sign up for the upcoming season via the new PlayHQ platform!

2022 will also see umpires in the P1-P3 open grades be reimbursed for their time on a per game basis.

The 2022 Performance Squad will be meeting on the 26th March. If you would like to be part of this group and are not already, please contact Community & Development Officer Bjorn Dix –

All other open grade and secondary umpires, Thursday 21st April 6.30pm - online meeting which will cover off PlayHQ system, workshop opportunities, secondary mentoring system and any discussion from the first couple of weeks of open grade.

To register you will need to create a profile in PlayHQ. Follow the easy steps and select the term ‘Official’. This profile will be the same if you are also a player or coach so make sure you select any of the relevant options when creating your profile.

If you have any questions around umpiring, please contact Community & Development Officer Bjorn Dix –



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