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Team Announcements for National Hockey Masters Tournament.

The Masters Advisory Group is pleased to announce the teams that have been selected to attend the National Masters Tournament in Tauranga in February 2023. Thank you to all players that registered their interest, there were over 180 registrations this year.

Teams have been selected following the open training sessions and trial games held over the last few weeks. Players have been selected against the following criteria

• Physical capabilities – speed, agility, endurance and strength

• Technical capabilities – core basic skills, set piece skills, elimination skills, passing connections, goal circle awareness

• Tactical Nous – positional play, ability to read the game, decision making (under pressure or under no pressure), understanding of team structures

• Potential to improve – willingness to learn, self-correction, coachability

• Competitive ability – engagement in contests, reactions to turnovers

• Attitude – engagement with team members, management, reaction to errors, body language

• Team Squad/orientation – how do they interact with the team? Is there connection/involvement on and off the field?

• Communication – providing direction, listening and responding, body language

The Masters Advisory Group would like to thank selectors for the work that they have undertaken behind the scenes to get the teams decided. Coaches will be in touch with their teams shortly to start their campaigns.

Any player wishing to seek feedback can contact MAG via to facilitate that process.

Wellington Hockey Masters Teams 2023
Download PDF • 437KB



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