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Open Grade Round 9 Roundup

Saturday & Sunday the 18th & 19th of June

Round 9 of the Wellington Hockey Cello Premier Open Grade competition is in the books with teams taking to the turf across the Wellington region on the weekend to compete for table position in their grade. Read below a report highlighting some of the weekend's action.

Premier 1 Women

Hutt United continued their winning streak, this time against Victoria on the new blue turf at Fraser Park. They were two goals up after ten minutes and while Vic prevented any more damage before half-time, the home side cut-loose in the final two quarters to gain a second bonus point victory against the students. On Cello NHS 1 Harbour City went down by one goal to Dalefield for the second time this season, this time losing 2-1, after the score was 1-0 when the teams met in April. Harbour went ahead in the first quarter and continued to attack, but sound defence from Dalefield kept them at bay, and Abby Crawley’s second half strike from a penalty corner sealed the win. Karori celebrated their first victory of the season, scoring the only goal in a hard-fought contest with Toa in the early game on Cello NHS 1. It was just their sixth goal of the season, but was enough to move them into fifth place.

Northern United had the bye


Dalefield 2 (Felicity Reidy, Abby Crawley) Harbour City 1 (Ruby Logan)

Karori 1 (Emma Ireland) Toa 0

Hutt United 7 (Imogen Neil 2, Minna Reid 2 Laura Jurgeleit, Ruby Baker, Kirsty Cole) Victoria 0

Northern United had the bye

Points after eight rounds: Hutt United 24, Northern United 22*, Dalefield 20, Harbour City 10, Karori 5, Toa 4*, Victoria 2

* denotes a bye

Games on 2 July

Dalefield v Toa 12:30pm Clareville

Northern United v Harbour City 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Karori v Victoria 4:00pm Cello NHS 1

Hutt United have the bye

Premier 1 Men

Harbour City scored four goals for the second week in a row, but this time it was not enough to overcome red-hot Dalefield, who scored six of their own in a thrilling clash. Dalefield were four goals up in the first quarter, three of them to Zac Hardie, but Harbour fought back well, and the Wairarapa-based side had to fight hard to maintain their 10-point competition lead. Second placed Hutt United began well in their first game on the new turf at Fraser Park, being 2-0 up at half-time against Victoria. The ever-reliable Ali Birchall netted twice for the students from penalty corners in the final stanza, before a fine reverse stick drive from Ethan Kerruish with 30 seconds remaining secured victory for the local side. Indians had been beaten by Tawa Titans in the first round and were made to compete hard again. They eventually ran out winners, avenging their earlier defeat and remain locked with Hutt United in second place.

Northern United had the bye


Indians 3 (Shyam Bhana, Akaash Morar, Isaac Dyer) Tawa Titans 0

Dalefield 6 (Zac Hardie 3, Rowan Yeo 2, Dylan Price) Harbour City 4 (Liam Mortimer 2, Josh Symonds, Sam Baxter)

Hutt United 3 (Tom Turkington, Angus Bowmar, Ethan Kerruish) Victoria 2 (Alistair Birchall 2)

Northern United had the bye

Points after eight rounds: Dalefield 27, Indians 17, Hutt United 17, Harbour City 13, Victoria 10, Tawa Titans 3*, Northern United 0*.

* denotes a bye

Games on 2 July

Victoria v Indians 12:30pm Cello NHS1

Northern United v Harbour City 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Tawa Titans 2:15pm Clareville

Hutt United have the bye

Premier 2 Women

Victoria 2’s three-game winning streak came to an end on Sunday when they went down narrowly to Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park. They have been overtaken at the top of the table by Hutt United who had a thumping win over Victoria 3 on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2. Kapiti upset Harbour City after scoring the only goal of the game at Paraparaumu, while Tawa Titans took a similar path against Karori on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 to join them in fifth place.


Hutt United 7 (Nika Reichert 3, Jordan McGarvey 2, Daina Ratana, Zoe Martin) Victoria 3 0

Upper Hutt 2 (Georgia Lloyd 2) Victoria 2 1 (Brooke Farmer)

Kapiti 1 Harbour City 0

Tawa Titans 1 Karori 0

Points after four rounds

Hutt United 10, Victoria 2 9, Upper Hutt 7, Harbour City 6, Karori 4, Tawa Titans 4, Kapiti 4, Victoria 3 0.

Games on 3 July

Hutt United v Tawa Titans 11:00am McDonald’s Newtown 2

Victoria 2 v Harbour City 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown 2

Kapiti v Victoria 3 1:15pm Mazengarb Park

Upper Hutt v Karori 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown 2

Premier 2 Men

Sunday’s meeting of the two leading teams was a close one with Upper Hutt and Kapiti battling to a draw at Maidstone Park. These two have been overtaken by Karori who came out on top in an action-packed seven-goal encounter with Northern United in the early game on Cello NHS 1. In the following game Hutt United had their second win of the round and grabbed a bonus point against Victoria to now lie third equal.


Upper Hutt 1 (Ben Clegg) Kapiti 1 (Mike Lean)

Karori 4 (Andrew Miles, David Poole) Northern United 3 (Jonny Lusby, Harison Clulow, Jason Parry)

Hutt United 6 (Scott Barnett 2, Robbie Burgess 2, Harrison Watt, Zach Yearbury) Victoria 0

Points after four rounds: Karori 9, Kapiti 8, Upper Hutt 7, Hutt United 7, Northern United 3, Victoria 1

Games on 3 July

Karori v Hutt United 12:30pm Cello NHS1

Upper Hutt v Victoria 1:45pm Maidstone Park

Kapiti v Northern United 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Premier 3 Women


Kapiti 2 5 (Oakley Wilson-Rangihuna 3, Samantha Te Awhe) Victoria 0

Hutt United 2 (Bry Harrison) Harbour City 2

Toa 7 (Phoenix O’Gorman 5, Asha O’Gorman 2) Upper Hutt 0

Northern United 2 3 (Zoe Luke, Sarah Neilson, Leah Bakker) Kapiti 3 2

Indians 2 (Jayna Lala, Smitee Ranchhod) Naenae 1

Northern United 3 had the bye

Points after four rounds: Indians 14, Naenae 10, Northern United 2 10, Toa 10, Kapiti 2 8*, Kapiti 3 5*, Hutt United 5, Victoria 3, Harbour City 1*, Northern United 3 0*, Upper Hutt 0

* denotes a bye

Premier 3 Men


Harbour City 5 Hutt United 4

Petone Tuis 2 Upper Hutt 1

Indians 2 3 (Shakeel Dahya, Shyam Morar, Jayraj Budhia) Karori 3 (James Sinclair, Ravinder Singh, George Webb)

Indians 3 4 (Kiran Patel 2, Nermash Ramji) Northern United 0

Tawa Titans 1 Victoria 4 0

Victoria 3 had the bye

Points after four rounds: Tawa Titans 13, Petone Tuis 9, Harbour City 8, Indians 3 7*, Indians 2 5, Victoria 3 4*, Hutt United 4*, Karori 4, Victoria 4 2, Upper Hutt 1*, Northern United 3 0

* denotes a bye

Full scores and standings from the competition is available via the Wellington Hockey PlayHQ here.


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