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Open Grade Round 3 Roundup

Updated: May 5, 2022

Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May

Hockey returned in Wellington this weekend after a short break for the Easter and ANZAC holidays. Teams took to the turf once again to pick up where they left off in our 2022 Open Grade Competition.

Find below a summary of the action from our Premier grades games over the weekend.

Premier 1 Men

Only eight goals were scored in the three men’s games played on Cello NHS 1 with Dalefield scoring five of them in a big win. They dominated their game against Tawa Titans, but found their opponent’s defence hard to crack, before Dylan Price scored in the final quarter to notch a second bonus point victory. Marcus Ambrose scored his first hat-trick for the Wairarapa-based side, who were unable to convert any of their eight penalty corner opportunities.

Indians featured in yet another tight game, this time just getting the better of a valiant Victoria, while Harbour City achieved their first win of the season, over Northern United in the tightest of contests.


Dalefield 5 (Marcus Ambrose 3, Dylan Price, Graeme Murrell) Tawa Titans 0

Indians 2 (Sajan Patel, Jainesh Shantilal) Victoria Uni 0

Harbour City 1 (Rio Tuson) Northern United 0

Hutt United had the bye

Points: Dalefield 11, Indians 6, Hutt United 5*, Victoria 4, Harbour City 4, Tawa Titans 0*, Northern United 0*.

* denotes a bye

7 May

Indians v Hutt United 12:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Dalefield v Northern United 2:15pm Clareville

Victoria Uni v Tawa Titans 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City have the bye

Premier 1 Women

Brigette Mossman scored four times for Dalefield against Toa in the afternoon game on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2, putting her team at the top of the standings after three rounds. Toa defended strongly, being down just 4-1 at three-quarter time, before Dalefield doubled their score against a tiring defence in the final stanza.

Northern United came back from a four-week layoff to comfortably see off winless Harbour City in the late game. Victoria and Karori each grabbed a valuable point in their scoreless draw with Vic goalie Isla Jones repulsing several dangerous-looking Karori raids.

Hutt United had the bye


Dalefield 8 (Brigette Mossman 4, Abby Crawley 2, Maddie Taylor, Rosie Rooderkirk) Toa 1

Northern United 4 (Annie McNaughtan, Amy Robinson, Nita Sullivan, Georgia Garden-Bachop) Harbour City 2 (Charlotte Eastman, Karmina Kovanda)

Karori 0 Victoria University 0

Points: Dalefield 10, Hutt United 8*, Northern United 7*, Karori 2, Toa 1*, Victoria 1, Harbour City 0

* denotes a bye

7 May

Karori v Hutt United 12:30pm Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Northern United 12:30pm Clareville

Toa v Victoria Uni 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Harbour City have the bye

Premier 2 Men

There were two big wins at NHS on Sunday with Hutt United earning a bonus point in their trouncing of previously unbeaten Northern United. Wily striker Scott Barnett completed a hat-trick. In the other game Upper Hutt ended Karori’s winning run with a convincing victory, and also took a bonus point. Isaac Boon scored twice for the Amber and Yellows. At Paraparaumu Victoria and Kapiti each grabbed their first point after a hard-fought draw.


Hutt United 6 Northern United 0

Upper Hutt 6 Karori 0

Kapiti 2 Victoria 2

Points: Hutt United 10, Karori 6, Upper Hutt 5, Northern United 4, Kapiti 1, Victoria 1

Premier 2 Women

Two games at NHS on Sunday were very close with Upper Hutt edging Karori for their first win and Victoria squeaking past Tawa Titans for their second. Kapiti recorded their second victory with a sound win over Harbour City in the late game. Hutt United had the bye.


Kapiti 4 (Emily Periam 2) Harbour City 1

Upper Hutt 2 Karori 1

Victoria 2 Tawa Titans 1

Points: Kapiti 6, Victoria 6, Hutt United 4*, Upper Hutt 4*, Harbour City 3, Tawa Titans 3, Karori 0*

* Denotes a bye

Premier 3 Men

Highlights of Saturday’s games were the bonus point win by Indians 3 over Harbour City and the five goals scored by both Petone and Victoria 3 in tough encounters with Upper Hutt and Hutt United respectively. Shakeel Dahya scored the only goal in a close battle between Indians 2 and Victoria 4.


Indians 2 1 Victoria 4 0

Indians 3 6 Harbour City 0

Petone 5 Upper Hutt 2

Tawa Titans 4 Northern United 0

Victoria 3 5 Hutt United 3

Karori had the bye

Points: Indians 3 11, Petone 10, Harbour City 6, Indians 2 6*, Victoria 3 6, Hutt United 3, Tawa Titans 3, Victoria 4 3*, Karori 0*, Northern United 0, Upper Hutt 0

* Denotes a bye

Premier 3 Women

Hutt United recorded the day’s biggest win with a bonus point victory over Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park on Saturday. Front-runners Northern United Gold have yet to concede a goal as they had a comfortable win over Victoria 4 at NHS. The other games were close in what is a tightly contested grade, with Harbour City remaining unbeaten and Kapiti 2 and Kapiti 3 having mixed results at Paraparaumu.


Harbour City 2 Toa 1

Kapiti 3 4 Northern United Black 1

Hutt United 5 Upper Hutt 0

Victoria 3 3 Naenae 2

Kapiti 2 1 Indians 1

Northern United Gold 4 Victoria 4 0

Points: Northern United Gold 10, Harbour City 8, Hutt United 6, Indians 6, Victoria 3 6, Kapiti 2 4, Kapiti 3 4, Naenae 4, Victoria 4 1, Toa 0, Upper Hutt 0.

Check out the results from all the weekends games and grades via PlayHQ here.

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