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Open Grade Round 14 Roundup


Premier 1 Men

Dalefield finished the preliminary round with a stuttering win over Victoria at Clareville. Down 0-1, then 1-2 at half-time, three second-half goals, including a penalty stroke converted by captain Rowan Yeo, saw the top qualifiers finish seven points clear. Hutt United wrapped up the second spot with a comfortable victory over Northern United and they will meet fierce rivals Dalefield at Clareville on Saturday. The two teams each won a game in their meetings during the season with the winner this time going straight into the final on 20 August. The loser will play the winner of the game between Indians, who finished third after having a bye on Saturday, and 2021 champions Harbour City, who did better in the wet conditions to overcome Tawa Titans. In the lower half of the competition, Tawa Titans will meet Victoria, with the winner going straight into the playoff for fifth, and the loser playing Northern United the following week.


Dalefield 4 (Rowan Yeo, Hamish Finlayson, Zac Caldwell, Benedict van Woerkom) Victoria 2

Harbour City 6 (Rio Tuson 2, Josh Symonds, Duncan Keith, Liam Mortimer, Tom Caughley) Tawa Titans 0

Hutt United 4 (Mike Jenness, Jack Rider, Callum Olsen, Billy Miskimmin) Northern United 0

Indians had the bye

Points after fourteen rounds: Dalefield 37, Hutt United 30, Indians 24, Harbour City 23, Victoria 14, Tawa Titans 4, Northern United 1

Games on 8 August

Dalefield v Hutt United 2:15pm Clareville

Victoria v Tawa Titans 2:30pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City v Indians 4:00pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Northern United have the bye

Premier 1 Women

Scoring three goals in the first quarter, then two more later, Dalefield did all they could to make the top two with a point win over Victoria in the early game at Clareville. However, Hutt United then beat Northern United for the second time and went ahead of Dalefield to the top of the table. Conditions were extremely wet for this game on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 and it is hoped the turf will be dryer when these two teams meet again in the first playoff game on Saturday, with the winner to go straight into the final. The loser will play off against the winner of the sudden death game between Dalefield and Harbour City. The late game scheduled between Harbour City and Toa was abandoned as conditions made the turf unplayable. The result makes no difference to the teams’ standings and Toa will play Karori on Saturday, with the winner going into the playoff for fifth and sixth, and the loser meeting Victoria in an important clash to decide the seventh place.


Dalefield 5 (Abby Crawley 2, Reese Robertson, Felicity Reidy, Brigette Mossman) Victoria 0

Hutt United 4 (Ruby Baker 2, Kat Winter, Minna Reid) Northern United 2 (Sophie Macadre, Estelle Macadre)

Toa v Harbour City abandoned

Karori had the bye

Points after fourteen rounds: Hutt United 34, Northern United 33, Dalefield 32, Harbour City 17, Karori 9, Toa 8, Victoria 2

Games on 8 August

Harbour City v Dalefield 12:30pm Clareville

Toa v Karori 12:45pm McDonald’s NHS 2

Northern United v Hutt United 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Victoria have the bye.

Premier 2 Men

In cold conditions on Sunday, Northern United had a good win over Karori in the early game with Zion Akonga notching a hattrick. At Fraser Park, neither Upper Hutt nor Kapiti could gain an advantage in a closely fought draw, while in the second game on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 leaders Hutt United was made to work hard for their win over lowly Victoria.


Northern United 5 (Zion Akonga 3, Matt Croxford, Jonny Lusby) Karori 2 (David Poole, Sam Stannard)

Upper Hutt 2 (Jacob Hamlin, Paul Hamlin) Kapiti 2 (Tully Gilbert, Vijay Soma)

Hutt United 3 (Zach Yearbury 2, Krishaan Parsotam) Victoria 1 (Grant Slark)

Points after nine rounds: Hutt United 24, Upper Hutt 17, Karori 15, Kapiti 13, Northern United 10, Victoria 1.

Games on 7 August

Kapiti v Northern United 11:45am Mazengarb Park

Victoria v Upper Hutt 2:15pm Cello NHS 1

Hutt United v Karori 4.00pm Cello NHS 1

P2 Women

Victoria 2 made the most progress on Sunday, with their narrow win over Karori on Cello NHS 1 moving them into second place. Leaders Hutt United had a satisfying win over previously second-placed Karori at Fraser Park, while also on Cello NHS 1 sixth-placed Victoria 3 went down by a single goal for the third week in a row, this time being pipped by Harbour City, who move level with Kapiti in third equal place. The game between Tawa Titans and Upper Hutt at Fraser Park has been postponed until Thursday.


Victoria 2 1 (Cat Myhill) Karori 0

Hutt United 4 (Michelle Borren, Brooke Craig, Jordan McGarvey, Amy Murray) Kapiti 0

Harbour City 2 (Karmina Kovander, Erin Muxlow) Victoria 3 1 (Shenee Riley)

Points after nine rounds

Hutt United 26, Victoria 2 16, Kapiti 14, Harbour City 14, Upper Hutt 11+, Tawa Titans 10+, Karori 9, Victoria 3 0.

+ denotes game in hand

Games on 7 August

Upper Hutt v Victoria 3 11:15am McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Victoria 3 v Tawa Titans 1:00pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Kapiti v Karori 1:30pm Mazengarb Park

Hutt United v Harbour City 2:45pm McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Premier 3 Men


Victoria 3 6 (Deacon Eliason-Malden 2, Julian Moller, Roald Bomans, Jed Cameron, Tom Lock) Northern United 0

Tawa Titans 3 (Jack Hawkey, Jitesh Patel, Duncan King) Harbour City 0

Indians 2 2 (Jayraj Budhia, Shakeel Dahya) Victoria 4 2 (Finn McKay, Rahul Watson Govindan)

Indians 3 8 (Divyesh Dahya 2, Kiran Patel 2, Dillip Kanji, Nermash Ramji) Upper Hutt 1 (Michael Whitson)

Hutt United 6 (Patrick Gray 2, Krishaan Parsotam 2, Hayden Fraser, Torben Whittle) Petone Tuis 2 (Chris Coventry, Angus Webster)

Karori had the bye

Points after nine rounds: Tawa Titans 26*, Indians 3 18*, Harbour City 16, Indians 2 15*, Hutt United 15, Petone Tuis 10*, Victoria 3 9*+, Victoria 4 9*+, Karori 5, Upper Hutt 4*, Northern United 3 0*

* denotes a bye; + denotes game in hand

Premier 3 Women


Kapiti 2 1 (Deloros Litherland) Kapiti 3 0

Northern United 2 9 (Sarah Neilson 2, Leah Bakker 2, Emily Agate 2, Steph Jones, Allanah Andrews, Olivia Burn) Northern United 3 0

Harbour City 2 (Rianna Maxwell, Jayne Winfield) Upper Hutt 0

Hutt United 1 (Hayley Bill) Indians 1 (Radhika Bhikha)

Naenae 5 (Matie Whitman 5) Victoria 1 (Emma Deegan)

Toa had the bye

Points after nine rounds: Indians 25, Toa 21*, Kapiti 2 20*, Naenae 19*, Northern United 2 16*, Kapiti 3 13*, Hutt United 12*, Victoria 5, Upper Hutt 4*, Harbour City 3*, Northern United 3 1*

* denotes a bye

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