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National Hockey Masters Tournament

WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Group are pleased to confirm coaches for the National Masters Tournament taking place in Tauranga in February 2023.

Wellington is in a privileged position of having a number of experienced coaches make themselves available to select, prepare and develop teams for the challenge of the tournament. We are also pleased to have the opportunity to support upcoming coaching talent.

Head coaches for the Women’s teams are Julie Schultz, Kristina O’Connor, Leah Murphy and Vicki Collins. Head coaches for the men's teams are Bob Mcintrye, Allan Saunders, Kelvin Giles, Mike Davis and Brent Iggo. Team Managers and Assistant Coaches are still being confirmed.

The exact teams will be determined following the closing of the player Expressions of Interest (EOI) and the selective events.

How do I put my name forward for consideration to play?

Anyone of masters age (turning 35 years old in 2023) can attend the open training sessions taking place on Saturday 15th October 2022 and Sunday 30th October at The National Hockey Stadium in Newtown. If you are over 33 but not yet Master Tournament age but are playing in the Local Masters competition you are also welcome to attend the two open training sessions.

To be considered for a Wellington Representative team you must meet the Player Eligibility Criteria, and be available to attend a Tournament in Tauranga from Sunday 26 February to Saturday 4 March 2023 and commit to covering your own costs:

Player Eligibility Criteria

  1. Players must have completed a Player EOI online or in person at an open training session.

  2. Be a financial player and have played in any of the following:

    1. Wellington Open Grade Competition for 2022; or

    2. Wellington Local Masters Competition for 2022; or

    3. Attended any of the master's open training sessions; or

    4. Attendance at the game-based trial listed for 2022.

If you have any questions please contact the Masters Advisory Council via



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