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Fraser Park Turf Upgrade Complete!

Fraser Park is back and better than ever after the installation of a new water-based playing surface at the Lower Hutt facility.

Wellington Hockey is excited to announce that the turf upgrade of Fraser Park has finally been completed and games and practices have returned to the Lower Hutt facility this week.

Over the duration of the project, the installation of a new water-based turf and water system has been completed at the turf resulting in a considerable upgrade from the old sand turf. The new blue turf provided by Polytan will be hosting games and practices across all grades for the remainder of the 2022 season and beyond. In the coming week, additional work will begin on the installation of LED lights at the turf and following the completion of the season, the old dugouts will be removed and replaced with new ones. If you are in Lower Hutt, make sure to come by and check out the new turf and some of the exciting hockey action!

We would like to thank all the organisations that contributed to this project including the New Zealand Community Trust, Pelorus Trust, Lion Foundation, Air Rescue Services and One Foundation.



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