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Making Hockey Accessible

Wellington Hockey Association, in conjunction with Hockey NZ, are able to provide the in-school Hockey Programme, Small Sticks.

Small Sticks in Schools is a Hockey New Zealand Program aimed at bringing basic hockey skills and hockey resources into primary schools to enable every child to give hockey a go. There are 4 x 30 minute sessions per class, targeting specific year groups within your school - or the whole school. 

Wellington Hockey will provide an accredited coach to take a minimum of four x 30-minute sessions each year for 3 years. It is a progressive programme so the children will learn new skills and enjoy different games each year. All children from your school can participate in this programme, you can also specify a specific group of children if this suits your school better.

The accredited coach will:

  • ​Have undertaken a Small Sticks training course
  • Have a current Police Check

  • Have a current First Aid

  • Have signed a code of ethics

To ensure that hockey is sustainable in your school, a school resource kit will be supplied to your school at the start of the programme with the accredited coaches providing training so that teachers have the confidence to carry on the programme. When our accredited coaches are running the programme, they will provide all the equipment (cones, hockey sticks, balls) for the session. If the school wishes, they can purchase a starter small sticks kit which can assist them running the programme.

Sessions are based around fundamental movement skills and basic hockey skills, allowing for easy integration into your PE sessions.

For further information or to book your sessions contact Jack at or give us a call.

Small Sticks in Schools

The Small Sticks programme is a school-based programme accessible for all New Zealand children, aged 4-13, which introduces children to the sport of Hockey at the level commensurate with their ability.

Making Great Hockey Happen
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