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Participation Fund

Wellington Hockey Association is relaunching the Participation Fund for the 2021 season.

The fund is designed to support players in overcoming monetary barriers to play and promote inclusiveness in our sport. Players of all levels will be able to apply for funding to assist in the payment of fees and subs.

A 2020 survey of our community after the Covid lockdown found that monetary barriers were the leading reason individuals left the sport. 40% of people that indicated that they may not continue to play hockey say the reason for doing so is because of their inability to pay subs and fees.

Wellington Hockey Association is an active advocate in fostering a lifelong love of sport and work to remove barriers to play however we can. We operate as a platform for making great hockey happen across the Wellington Region and encourage participation and inclusion in hockey at all levels.

Hockey is not an inexpensive sport and the cost associated with play can sometime be beyond what is feasible for some players. Last year the fund assisted 26 children and adults in paying their fees and affiliation costs to allow them to play hockey.

Funds raised will be distributed to those who are having trouble paying their fees and affiliation costs. Your donation will go to help both existing hockey players and those new to the sport.

Kyle Pontifex, Chair of the Wellington Hockey Board says, “One of the highlights to come from the adversity faced by all last year was the goodwill shown with the Participation Fund. It is a wonderful opportunity for our community to show support for each other without impacting on our busy lives. Hockey is a sport we have all enjoyed and Wellington Hockey Association sees the participation fund as a great way to ensure our sport is accessible to all in our community.”


Donations can also be made through a direct bank deposit to the Participation Fund account: 02-0500-0174015-01.


Applications for the Participation Fund will open to our community soon.


Donations to the Participation Fund can be made via our Givealittle page here.

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