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U13 In Season Development Programme

Hockey has changed in the youth space as we have known it in the past. 2020 was to be the last season of National representative tournaments, until Covid-19 came along ensuring all National tournaments would be cancelled for 2020. As the last couple of months have unfolded, WHA has been busy working on what does the youth space look like moving forward.


We had plans for how 2021 would look and how we would transition in 2020 to the new model, but like many things after lockdown, we have to change now. WHA is pleased to be able to unveil our new In Season Development Programme. This new approach is how we will deliver in this space into the future. 

WHA is committed to providing ongoing development for our youth participants at an age and stage that is appropriate and in line with their long-term development. Young people grow and gain competency in different areas at different rates. Examples of this could be a good technical player who might not yet physically have developed or a more physically developed player who might lack technical abilities. We could even have players who are underdeveloped in both physical and technical areas but want to improve and grow as a hockey player. We want to be inclusive and provide opportunities for all who desire them – all we need is the right attitude to learning and developing.

With this in mind WHA has redeveloped our U13 & U15 in season development space. These changes have come about to ensure we are offering development opportunities for all. The opportunities are relative to the players current needs and will place them in an environment that will best assist them with their development. The two programmes are split between the Representative Programme and the CONNECT Programme. These programmes sit side by side and are designed to support and provide appropriate development opportunities

Rep Programme Information

The WHA Representative Programme has evolved in 2020. There is a significant focus on growing the individual player and extending them where appropriate for each individual, rather than focusing on preparing teams to go away and compete in a tournament. While there will be a tournament opportunity for players, coaches and umpires, the focus here will not be around results, but an opportunity for the development to be displayed in a supportive and development focused environment. 

There will be a structured curriculum for coaches to follow to ensure we are developing key competencies in our young players. Supporting this will be the use of trainers who will be utilized throughout the campaign to bring high levels of technical and tactical knowledge ensuring we upskill both players and coaches.

With that, there is no need to have seeded teams selected to compete, rather teams from within the overall cohort of players will be grouped to create relatively even teams allowing for inter squad games to help develop or extend technical and tactical competency of players, coaches and umpires.

CONNECT Programme

The WHA CONNECT Programme sits alongside the WHA Representative Programme and provides a further development opportunity for players who are identified as requiring a different focus in their development. This Programme will be delivered by current or former Representative coaches and players to ensure these players are receiving the high level of support and guidance. The Programme was launched in 2019 and has been designed by WHA staff to ensure the appropriate focus areas are covered and players grow in their technical and tactical competencies. Players from the CONNECT Programme will join in the festival day with the Representative Programme mid campaign, by forming their own teams to participate. How this works will be dependent on numbers subscribed.


How to Register?

U13 ISDP Plan 2021 .pdf

Registrations are now open for the 2021 ISDP


All enquiries can be directed to

Representative Overview
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