Wellington Hockey

Competitions, Draws and Turf Venues 

The Wellington Hockey Association runs Open Grade, Secondary, Primary,Mini-hockey, Masters and Summer 6-a-side Hockey competitions throughout the Wellington Region.


SECONDARY promotion / relegation draw click here

TournamentMaker™ - please click the following link for all competition draws

Mini Competition Draws

Year 3&4 Hutt Competition click here

Year 5&6 Hutt Competition click here 

Year 5&6 Wellington Development Grade additional games click here

Primary P2 Girls draw for 13 June click here

Primary Duty Team Roster - click here

Wellington Year 3&4 Competition supplementary draw - Click here

Competition Calendar 2015

The 2015 Competition Calendar has been drafted (please note this may be subject to change) - 2015 Draft competition calendar (amended 17/3/15)


Competition Handbooks, Rules and Registration Forms

2015 Code of Conduct

2015 Club/Team registration link is now available to clubs through the IMG portal (noticeboard)

LCC Handbook 2015

Secondary Handbook 2015

2015 Primary Competition Handbook_2015

2015 Mini_Rules_ and HNZ Small Sticks Association Guide


Rules of Association

Player Transfer Form


Turf Venues and Bookings

Please go to our google map at http://www.wellingtonhockey.org.nz/page/turf_locations.html to get information about the venues we play hockey at.

Turf bookings please email info@wellingtonhockey.org.nz; phone 04 389 3337 (NB email is the preferred method as leaves a 'paper' trail).

Turf availability

WHA has been working with the Tournament Maker providers to increase the capacity of that system.  As a result Clubs and Schools can now check on Tournament Maker to see if the turf is available for a booking. 

  • Go to http://tournamentmaker.co.nz/wgtnhockey/ 
  • Click on ‘Venue Schedules’ on the top grey menu bar
  • Click on ‘schedule’ for the turf you wish to book and select the date you are seeking (you can also expand the number of days you wish to view bookings for this venue)
  • If you identify a time slot you would like to book, email info@wellingtonhockey.org.nz and we will confirm by reply email if your booking request has been successful (please note email is the preferred method of booking turfs as we want to be able to keep a ‘paper’ trail for bookings)
  • Please make sure you specify in your email whether the booking is for Under 18 or Adult participants; as the rate changes. 
  • Turf fee charges will be invoiced for at the end of each month

For the Coastlands Kapiti Turf please contact Sonja Williams 04 298 9527, email kapitisportsturf@clear.net.nz



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